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I don’t know what you are passing through in this country right now. I don’t know how many times you have applied for a job in private companies or government parastatals and yet get denied. Sometimes it feels like you should give up on life or maybe jump into the lagoon from Lagos mainland bridge. How do you cope with your family and your children with the meager salary you earn every month? GOSH ‘BLOOD OF JESUS’

If there is anything that has killed the country is corruption, stinginess, greed, and selfishness. But I will not let that get to you. Never! Things are costly and life is difficult. We all know that the currency has no value at all. Let’s just face the truth and stop living in pretense. But despite all these, some people are still surviving, living their dream life without help or support from the government or anywhere.

If you are like me that doesn’t have support from uncles or aunties, yet I’m living fine then you should ask me how and i will be glad to share with you for free.

What if I show you how you can generate at least 50,000 Naira additional income Weekly to add to what you earn?

What if I show you the exact skills that I’m using currently to cash out without having to leave the comfort of my home with zero% investment?

What Are Digital Skills

Digital skills have to do with the acquisition of knowledge, values, attitudes, rules, and ethics concerning information and communications technology (ICT) in order to get the most out of technology. Furthermore, they entail critical thinking as well as the appropriate use of information received via the use of technology or the internet to offer solutions to real-life issues thereby getting paid for it.

In its simplest form – Digital skills are freelancing skills you acquire online to solve customers problems and getting a pay check for it.

Who am I And Why am I Helping You?

From The Stable Of Edidiong Ekpo


This is not a get rich quick programme (GRQP)

This training has been programmed to change your life. If you are not ready to be successful in making money online, please close this page and walk away. You have 2 seconds to do so


My name is Edidiong J. Ekpo, one of Nigeria’s top “make money online” internet coach. I have helped a lot of people grow a successful online business with my coaching and premium resource courses & trainings. Over the years I have generated millions of naira from my own personal online business. I am a content creator and an SEO EXPERT who has worked as a freelancer for a couple of top websites in Nigeria and beyond.

I have helped position websites to be seen and ranked by search engines including Google, Yahoo, and Bing and in return, I have been able to pool in thousands of website visitors (TRAFFIC) and handsomely rewarded for it. I’m the best in this field and there’s no doubt about it.

I have also been able to learn top digital skills such as digital marketing, copywriting, ebook cover design, search engine optimization, website development, Google AdSense approval, sales funnel design, landing pages, information marketing, and a host of others.

It is not easy in this country, believe me, so I believe if I can have something to eat and make a living with, some other person should do the same.

I grew up in a family of 6 and life was difficult for me, I could hardly buy what I needed, what I wanted and go to places I would have loved to go. At a point in my life I felt that life was unfair to me,that I was one of the unlucky ones. I have always had the belief that one can make money online but I never knew how.

I have invested a lot of money online and nothing worked out. I have been scammed and I have lost hundreds of thousands if you sum it up. My hard-earned money have gone into the wrong hands – the self acclaimed internet gurus.

But I didn’t give up. I started learning some digital skills in 2017 and in same year, got my first online job that paid off. From that moment, I was focused and I gave my all to it since that was where I was eating from.

I have been able to generate thousands of naira online, and then hundreds of thousands and have ran into millions. But you see, I did it the hard way, no body showed me anything. I was broke and broken. And as I’m writing you this letter, I bemoan my naivety.

I have tried and failed many times, but the joy is that, I’m now successful. I can now teach you the same proven system that will bring you endless cash whenever and wherever and you will succeed.



The Cash Drilling System (CDS) is the only fail proof system that I have used to generate cash on demand over the years. This is a step by step process that i will hand over to you very soon. I will give you the exact process I followed that elevated me from zero income ground to a millionaire without any form of investment.

Even if you are a school dropout. Even if you have tried it before and nothing worked. Even if you don’t have any computer skills at all. CDS is the only proven system that works beyond every barrier, where other forms of business fail. CDS WORKS!

With the Cash Drilling System (CDS), you don’t need any form of capital or investment to get started. CDS is not a Ponzi scheme, money doubling or blind money making process. CDS is a guaranteed online money making system that shows you practically, how to make at least 50,000 naira weekly with your phone or laptop.

What Are The Top Digital Skills That Pays Higher & Better?

Website Development

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Article Writing & Copywriting

Graphic Design (Logos, Ebook Covers)

Sales Funnel Designs And Landing Page Creation

We Have 24 Hours In A Day, What Do You Do With The Left Over Time? You Watch Movies, Gossip, Run Useless Chat On Facebook, Visit Porn Websites, Eat, Sleep, And Wake Up To Continue From Where You Stopped Right? When Your Mates Are Busy Making Money Online, BLOOD OF JESUS!

Don’t Forget You Will Soon Clock 25, Maybe 30 or 45 Years Anytime From Now. You, Will, Be told By Your Family Members To Get A Wife Or Worse ComeTo Worse Ask To Go To Your Husbands House.

But Trust Me You Will Be Depressed If you Go To Your Husbands House Without Any Form Of Digital Skill. Something That Will Help Food To The Table. If You Don’t Want This To Get To You Then You Have To Be Smart & Act Fast

Can You Spare Just 3 Hours Of Your Time Daily?

If Yes! You Will Make Your First $100 (50,000 Naira) With CDS This Week

A lot of people think online business is hard, time-consuming, and not reliable! Well, if you think so then you are wrong. I am a living testimony. I’m here to tell you that ICT skills are currently the only way out of poverty or financial disease. I know how hard it was when I had no skills I could use to solve problems online and make money for myself. I was completely broke and broken.

The simplest truth about making money online is that you solve people’s problems and get paid for doing so. The good side of this is that it is not a static price system. You can set your own price at will and people will still pay for it.

Let me give you a clue; as a content creator that I am, I set my price based on the nature of the work, i.e., work specifications. There are jobs that can take 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete, some take 3 hours, and some 5 hours to complete. Their prices can never be the same.

Job categories like ebook writing, blog post writing, and sales copywriting have different price tags. Now let’s be more practical. Let me give you an example for the Nigerian audience/market.

  • ebook writing = from N10,000+.
  • Article writing/Blog post writing = From N3 to N5+ per word.
  • Salescopy writing = from N15,000+.

All this changes if you are selling your skills or service to the American audience or other international communities.

You can charge from 20 USD up for 700 to 1000 words article.

What Are The Requirements To Earn N50,000 Weekly With Your Mobile Phone or Laptop?

You do not necessarily need to have a personal laptop to make money online. I made my first 50,000 naira online with a Java phone. Last year, I generated over 350,000 Naira from my YouTube channel alone, selling out hot information products with my phone and business WhatsApp account. I also made over 500,000 naira from content writing alone last year, plus other affiliate marketing products I sold out, like Wizkid selling out the O2 Arena in London. As well as other internet businesses that have made money from that which is not here.

What Do You Need To Be Successful?

  1. An Internet Enabled Android Phone or A Laptop
  2. Three (3) Hours of your time daily
  3. An email address
  4. A WhatsApp Business Account
  5. Your Brain
  6. A Mentor/Coach and
  7. A Personal Bank Account.

Live Testimonials From Some of My Students


This is a live testimony from someone who Ordered the Cash Drilling System all the way from Delhi, India early this year.


This is Praise from Nigeria already sharing his live testimony and the success recorded. Praise has been able to pull in thousands of visitors to his website After going through my courses.

What Action Do I Need To Take?

If you must change your financial status, then you have to become an action taker. This offer originally cost $3,000+ (over 1.5 million Naira). I would have loved to give you this offer for FREE, but once I handover ✋ the same blueprint I am using to make money online to you, you will never be broke again. NEVER!

But hey, I will not allow you to go as far as stealing funds for my training just because you want to be successful like me or even more than me. Because trust me, you are going to make millions in a few months’ time.

I have vowed that I will not allow you to be in the same poor state that you were in last year, as long as you are reading this right now on this page – you are in safe hands.

How Much Is My Training?

Each of my courses/training goes for 45,000 naira each.

There are over 300+ premium courses that I’m going to offer you from my collections in all the areas you can think of.

Pay #25,000 naira only

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My goal is to raise 100 successful Nigerians thru various internet businesses. Which they will in turn raise 100 people each. So far 50 spots have gone already, leaving 50.

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If you leave this page without taking action I bet you, once you come back, you will not be able to place an order again.

You will have to pay for those courses for the original price of 45,000 naira each. Is that what you want?



Be Among The Remaining 50 People Who Will Take Action and Watch Your Financial Status Change Forever.


I understand that you might have some doubt, fears, perhaps done something of this nature before elsewhere and it failed or maybe, you have no idea at all and you think it’s a scam.

I want you to understand one thing, this is the ultimate Cash Drilling System (CDS) that has NEVER FAILED. And not all those stuff out there – only God knows what you bought?

I can’t offer you something that doesn’t work, you know why? I’m afraid of God’s punishment, blackmail on my name and reputation.

But if should Incase you think it’s not working and you can’t make money from it, please contact us with your query or ask for a refund and we will credit your account within 24hours.

You are free to keep the courses and training.

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God Knows I Have Tried. See You On The Other Side Of Success.